For clients from anywhere in South Africa Dr Anthony Koller can operate fully as a psychiatrist and I am able to prescribe medication as per normal and also able to see complety new patients as well during the the national lockdown.

Dr Anthony Koller can see international clients but only for virtual psychotherapy/counselling and cannot prescribe medication.

The virtual practice will be running during the Covid-19 pandemic and Dr Anthony Koller will continue to incorporate a virtual practice even once Dr Anthony Koller has returned to the physical practice.

Bookings for virtual consultaions follow the same route as usual : by contacting my receptionist at [email protected] and she will be able to help you from there.

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31 Rose Avenue,
Kirstenhof, Tokai

You can also contact me via Simply register as a client for free and search for Dr Anthony Koller as one of the experts. Then we can schedule a face to face conversation with me online to answer any questions you may have regarding the my practice and what to expect. However, please remember that this is in no way a replacement for a proper medical and psychiatric consultation at my rooms which you can book via my receptionist, Beverley, on 078 410 0680

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