Medication Management

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Medication Management

Psychopharmacology is the study of the use of medications in treating mental disorders. Due to the complexity and fast-paced nature of this field, it requires continuous study in order to keep up with new advances. Dr Koller understands the principles of how the body processes medications and in turn, the effects of the medications on the body. This includes an understanding of:

  • Protein binding: How available the medication is to the body
  • Half-life: How long the medication stays in the body
  • Polymorphic genes: Genes which vary widely from person to person
  • Drug-to-drug interactions: How medications affect one another

Since the use of these medications is to treat mental disorders, Dr Koller also has extensive understanding of neuroscience, clinical medicine and the differential diagnosis of mental disorders, and treatment options required.

Despite his extensive knowledge of medications and their effects on the body, Dr Koller does not pressure his clients into adding unnecessary prescription medication to their treatment. Patients can take comfort in knowing that should they require or request medication, that their treatment will be well managed under Dr Koller’s care. Should they choose pharmacological support, Dr Koller will explain all details of the medication and work closely with to find the right course for the patient.

Through psychotherapy and medication Dr Koller will expertly give you the support you need to overcome obstacles. His extensive training makes him the perfect partner for collaborative counseling at all levels of need.