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Dr Koller's Approach

Dr Anthony Koller follows the Biopsychosocial model of health and illness.

The biopsychosocial model of health and illness is a framework which states that interactions between biological, psychological and social factors determine the cause, manifestation and outcome of wellness and disease.

Dr Koller focusses on adult psychiatry but will assist adolescents and children, and refer them to a specialist psychiatrist if necessary. He is especially skilled in psychopharmacology - the study of the effects of mental health medication - and assist his patients by prescribing and managing their medication so they have as few adverse side-effects as possible.

He has a rigorous, evidence based approach and makes use of best clinical practice with every patient he assists. He is also thorough in his investigations, aiming to give each patient the best possible result. Dr Koller’s investigation includes an assessment of the physical condition of the patient, and the possible implications on mental health due to physical concerns.

During treatment, Dr Koller also identifies and focuses on the psychosocial aspects of his patients mental health problems and assists them in building and repairing their interpersonal relationships, such as social relationships, professional relationships and romantic relationships.

Typically, Dr Koller’s approach to mental health concerns involve medication, psychotherapy, investigation and physical assessment. This 3 pronged approach helps Dr Koller give his patients the best possible treatment, and allows them to develop a support system and coping mechanisms while treating their mental health problems.